Preparing for Greatness:March Madness 30 Day Challenge

How often do we start things and not finish them ?

Do you ever ask yourself ; where did I go wrong ? Why did I give up ? What distracted me ?

Truth is we don’t know where or why things went left but what we do know is , we didn’t achieve our goal .

So what can we do differently to make sure that we do in fact achieve our short term goals and feel good about it ?

First ! Let’s be real …

Is your short term goal ideal ? Is it achievable by making small conscious decisions? If so … making daily contributions to your goal will in fact make achieving your end goal more realistic.

If not , it’s ok ! Step back and reevaluate what you’re asking of yourself.

Understanding the difference in short and long term goals allows you to be more intentional about what it is that you actually want to achieve and how soon.

Take some time to sit and ask yourself WHY . Why do I want to achieve this goal in 30 days ? What will this ultimately do for me ? Short term goals is the stepping stone to long term goals . Creating healthy daily habits will start to become second nature and before you know it , you have transformed your life into one you’ve always dreamed of .

Are you prepared ?

This is where I feel most of us drop the ball .

For example; you may say “starting Monday , I will not eat fast food or eat out for 30 days” but have you planned out your weekly meals ? Did you grocery shop on the Sunday prior to “Monday” ?

Did you clean out your refrigerator to fit the groceries to make food prep easier ?

Preparing for an infective goal literally has to be planned . Taking planning steps helps to mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come . It will also allow you to be more confident in sticking to your goal . Not doing so will subject you to doing what you didn’t want to do , which is ordering out or worst … finding yourself in a fast food drive through.

Of course planning is different for whatever your goal is but the important thing is to be sure that you have prepared yourself according to the changes you’d like to make .

Start Within !

Our subconscious minds guides us into believing and understanding when in fact we need to make a change within ourselves .

When we sit and think about the person we want to be or we think about where and how we see ourselves in 10 years . We realize that the change must start internally.

Changing the way we think or see things allows us to makes conscious decisions that we feel will lead us to becoming THAT PERSON .

Meditating , Journaling & Reading can and will help us with making the decision to do more , to want more , to be more .

Be true to Who You Are and understanding Why You Are , is the key to creating , planning and executing any goal whether it be short term or long term .

For The Next 30 Days..

I've decided to participate in this challenge to strengthen my journey to natural child birth. Because this is a complete new journey for me , I feel now is the best time to prepare my mind and body for the new task at hand. I'm currently 6 months pregnant ,entering our 3rd trimester, soon the time will come for me to put my preparation to test. Long term, I wish to adapt to a vegan , healthy conscious lifestyle but , I'm not perfect and sometimes , most times ,I resort back to what comes natural to me. Eating more health conscious, moving my body through prenatal yoga , reciting encouraging affirmations for me and my baby will allow myself and my body the confidence I need to achieve my 30 day goal in which I plan to continue well after this challenge is over.

As individual beings , we owe it to ourselves to be stronger than our temptations . Although life throws plenty of curve balls , ultimately WE are responsible for what our lives consists of .

30 days of a constant effort to do better will simply lead to .. BETTER !

With Love & Bliss ,

Tyannah Danyelle

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